Brothers Jordan, Solomon and Kalan Rodrigues are Snowfish - the NSW band dedicated to entwining their powerful artistic visions and expressing themselves through their expertly crafted alt-rock sound, engaging and energetic live performances, and stunning visuals. Inspired by some of the most innovative artists in their respective genres including Muse, Radiohead, and System of a Down, Snowfish aim to create versatile rock music with rich intricacies, edgy guitar riffs and diverse vocal melodies.

Cementing their foothold on the Australian rock circuit as a band on the come up, the young band have received support from audiences and industry alike gaining over 100k collective streams, national airtime on commercial station Triple M and features on leading online rock sites including Hysteria Magazine, Amnplify, and Music Crowns.

With absolute authenticity, Snowfish will move consistently between releases in 2024 with accompanying music videos and live performances in preparation for their sophomore album.

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