1. Can I Die Alone? - Release Day Thoughts

    It’s been a while since we have consistently released new music but it feels good to do it again and even better with songs I really believe in.

    I’ve had this one up my sleeve since the first album came out but it probably took 2 years of development both in the song structure and me growing up to get it to where it needed to be.

    It’s the purest form of expression I’ve been able to translate into musical form so far and I really let myself be vulnerable as a vocalist/artist/whatever… 🥸

    If you get time today give her a listen x


    May 10, 2024

  2. Pre-release thoughts: Can I Die Alone?

    I keep on telling myself I'm gonna be more active on here because it is the journalistic equivalent of taking a shit - and everyone needs to shit. Life is one big laxative and the subsequent art created is just life shits.

    ANYWAY Can I Die Alone? comes out tomorrow and I am excited to share it with the world. There's also a music video underway that should be releasing in the coming weeks. I feel like everyone that hears this song attaches themselves to a different part of the song - theres a section for everyone which I guess is very lyrically fitting. The song to me circles the ideas of ambiguity in life and the greyness of every action. I said before that life is one big laxative and alike to the actions of man there is a greyness to laxatives. A laxative when needed is great - when not needed is not great.

    Maybe I should stop typing - enjoy the track.


    May 9, 2024

  3. Cowards - Release Day Thoughts

    I wrote most of Cowards in May 2023. The three of us were sitting around just kicking back and with my acoustic guitar I was noodling around with the riff that Jordan wrote for The World Is Burning Down when I found this pattern in drop D that was initially really janky and choppy but I knew I'd found something righteous.

    I have this philosophy with songwriting that through the infinite nature of the universe any combination of notes, noises and words that can be put together on an infinite timeline WILL be put together. In this way I like to think that every song has been written by the universe and as an artist it is my job to materialise the songs and sounds the way the universe intended.

    When it comes to writing a song there is decisions to be made. When I'm making these decisions like the structure or the different layers that should be added I feel like a vessel being used by the universe and ultimately I am making a right or wrong decision.

    My mission is to realise the musical potential written within the fabric of the universe.

    Anyway, once Jordan heard the riff he said something about making it more fluid and the demo very quickly progressed. This one was destined for release.


    Feb. 29, 2024

  4. Welcome to the Website

    I've wanted to create this website since we started the band 4 years ago. Kalan and I looked into it once and bought this domain but it was too hard for us so we settled for our link tree. Big kudos to Sol for utilising his developer knowledge and building the website from scratch.

    It feels like a good time to have our own space to create and promote ourselves to the people who matter most to us, which is anyone taking the time to read this.

    We've become fiercely independent after learning a few ins and outs of how the industry operates. It's a gloomy business and the best thing you can do as an artist is to retain as much control over your music and image as you can. Don't become a product and don't become a content creator.

    Keep the focus on the music and the performances like when we started. It's so easy to lose that with so many distractions.

    Stay posted for more blog posts...


    Dec. 8, 2023